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In Room 20 we are learning to be independent and make responsible choices.

Welcome to Term 4!

Welcome back! It has been lovely hearing about everyone’s holiday highlights.

We look forward to a rewarding Term 4. Thanks for keeping an eye on the diary dates and updates on the Craigburn Connections Blog: (blogs.craigburn.sa.edu.au) There are lots of things to look forward to, it’s an especially busy one!

Week 1 Sharing: Holiday Highlights.

Week 2 Sharing: Favourite outdoor game (Sports Expo Tuesday Oct 24th).

Tues Oct 24th: Reception/1 Sports Expo Day.  Children to please wear appropriate sports shoes, a hat and have plenty of water (maybe 2 bottles, one to carry and one to keep in their bag if hot).

Week 3:

Week 4:

Wed Nov 8th: R/1 Assembly. We will host this Assembly! Your child will bring home a sentence or 2 to practice reading before the day.

Fri 10th Nov: Music is Fun Concert.

Disco after school. (More info. to come)

Week 5:

New Reception Transition visits begin Wednesday Nov 15th. Our class will have a different teacher and work in a different learning space for 3 consecutive Wednesdays. I will work with the visiting children. Can you believe it’s been a year already?!

Week 6:

Wednesday Nov 22nd: Reception Transition Visit 2.

Fri Nov 24th: Gala Day. Reception students are invited to bring along a small amount of $ to school to spend on the stalls. The stalls are run and organised by older students. The children will visit to play games and buy things that they have created.

Week 7:

Wed Nov 29th: Reception Transition Visit 3.

Week 8:

Tues Dec 5th: Craigburn’s Got Talent.

Week 9:

Mon Dec 11th: Celebration Night.

Tues Dec 12th: R-2 Fun Day.

Wed Dec 13th: Students visit their new class for 2018. Reports go home.

Fri Dec 15th: Last day for the year. Early Dismissal 12:30pm.


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Practising our fluency

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Sharing Week 9- CAFE 5

CAFE 5: For our literacy activities we practice Read to self, Read to someone, Listen to reading, Work on writing and Word work. Through these activities we are building our Comprehension, Accuracy of words, Fluency and Expanding our vocabulary (CAFE). Our individual book boxes contain “Good Fit” books that we can read on our own. Next week (Week 9) for sharing please share a good fit book that you can read fluently. It might be a reader or a book from the library or home.



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Week 8

Sharing: Signs of Spring.

This Wednesday is our R/1 Assembly at 2:15 pm in the hall.

Thursday: Footsteps Dance continues. Thanks for being at school on time, our session starts at 8:50am in the hall.

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Week 6

Week 6 News-

Sharing: Father’s Day. Please bring a photo/picture/drawing of your Dad. Why is your Dad special?

Wed 30th August is our Father’s Day Stall. If you wish, bring a small amount of $ to spend ($10 max) and a bag to put your purchases in.

Wed our Book Fair also begins in the library. You are welcome to shop with your families after school and/or browse with your class during library time. Books will be available to purchase for a week and profit goes to the school fundraising initiatives.

Thurs 31st Aug our Weekly Footsteps Dance Sessions begin. Our lessons begin at 8:50am so please be at school on time each Thursday. If we are not in the room, please meet us at the hall.

Fri 1st Sept is our School Closure Day.

***Greetings from Miss Harry from the Hindmarsh training centre today. We are discussing real world problem solving and designing learning tasks around a problem and children then working through to solutions. It’s moving past Inquiry ‘topics’ and more student directed and purposeful. Our problem last term was focused around the tree that fell down. A real problem to the children. How do we solve this problem? We have designed a new play space area using the logs that we asked to be left behind! We will submit our designs to Student Leadership and Mr Luke.

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Week 5 Sharing

Week 5:

Talk about your favourite book character

**(Dress up day Thursday 24th Aug).

What do you like about them? What positive qualities do they have?

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Welcome to Term 3!

Welcome back! It has been lovely hearing about everyone’s holiday highlights.

We look forward to a rewarding Term 3. Thanks for keeping an eye on the diary dates and updates on the Craigburn Connections Blog: (blogs.craigburn.sa.edu.au) There are lots of things to look forward to!

In class we are participating in the Premier’s Be Active challenge. Each day we record in a diary all the times we are active and healthy. We look forward to receiving a special medal from the Premier at the end of the year! Well done to all the children who have already filled in their Premier’s Reading Challenge at home and handed it in.

Week 2 Sharing: A symbol of Winter.

Tues Aug 1st: School Photo Day. Please bring your envelope and hand to Miss Harry on the day. Your child will get their photo taken whether they are purchasing a photo or not. These photos are used at school for online systems such as library borrowing.

Week 4:

Wed Aug 16th: R/1 Assembly. Our class will always participate with sharing learning songs. We will host the Assembly at the last one in Week 4 of Term 4.

Thurs Aug 17th: Book Week Performance “Super Duper”.

Week 5:

Book Week officially launched.

Thurs Aug 24th: Book Week dress up day. (More info. to come)

Week 6:

Wed Aug 30th: Book Fair opens in the library. (More info. to come). Father’s Day Stall.

Thurs 31st Aug: Weekly Footsteps Dance Sessions begin.

Fri Sept 1st: School Closure Day.

Week 8:

Wed Sept 13th: R/1 Assembly.

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Friday Gardening Lesson

Today we checked our rain gauges in the ELC. No rain! We have had a very dry start to Winter! So we watered the plants. We also moved soil to a new garden bed, found worms, raked, played and enjoyed nature! We identified weeds and pulled them out too.





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What’s the Weather?

For our Inquiry we are investigating different types of weather.

Sharing Week 6 & 7:
At home, please record the weather for 1 whole week during week 6.
You could draw a simple picture/symbol each day and one word to describe eg sunny, cloudy, rainy.
What do you notice about the weather for the week? What is your favourite kind of weather?
After recording the weather for a week, come back in Week 7 with your charts, photos, drawings. You could share this and/or talk about how we measure the weather (wind vanes, kites, temperature gauges, etc. You may like to get a plastic bottle to put outside and collect the rain!
Please bring to school a plastic bottle or container if you have any spare so we can record the rainfall at Craigburn!

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Swimming Week

Welcome back!
We look forward to a fun swimming week. No formal sharing this week but we look forward to hearing all about our holiday adventures.
Please refer to my swimming note for detailed information.
The water safety program is not an ability program. Students will work in mixed ability groups which has benefits: less confident students interact with more confident students, this replicates the real world eg when they are at the beach or a water park.
Students can aspire to achieve more and copy others more confidently. Peer mentoring assists both nervous and confident students’ learning outcomes.


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