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In Room 20 we are learning to be independent and make responsible choices.

Week 6

on August 25, 2017

Week 6 News-

Sharing:¬†Father’s Day. Please bring a photo/picture/drawing of your Dad. Why is your Dad special?

Wed 30th August is our Father’s Day Stall. If you wish, bring a small amount of $ to spend ($10 max) and a bag to put your purchases in.

Wed our Book Fair also begins in the library. You are welcome to shop with your families after school and/or browse with your class during library time. Books will be available to purchase for a week and profit goes to the school fundraising initiatives.

Thurs 31st Aug our Weekly Footsteps Dance Sessions begin. Our lessons begin at 8:50am so please be at school on time each Thursday. If we are not in the room, please meet us at the hall.

Fri 1st Sept is our School Closure Day.

***Greetings from Miss Harry from the Hindmarsh training centre today. We are discussing real world problem solving and designing learning tasks around a problem and children then working through to solutions. It’s moving past Inquiry ‘topics’ and more student directed and purposeful. Our problem last term was focused around the tree that fell down. A real problem to the children. How do we solve this problem? We have designed a new play space area using the logs that we asked to be left behind! We will submit our designs to Student Leadership and Mr Luke.

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