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What’s the Weather?

on June 1, 2017

For our Inquiry we are investigating different types of weather.

Sharing Week 6 & 7:
At home, please record the weather for 1 whole week during week 6.
You could draw a simple picture/symbol each day and one word to describe eg sunny, cloudy, rainy.
What do you notice about the weather for the week? What is your favourite kind of weather?
After recording the weather for a week, come back in Week 7 with your charts, photos, drawings. You could share this and/or talk about how we measure the weather (wind vanes, kites, temperature gauges, etc. You may like to get a plastic bottle to put outside and collect the rain!
Please bring to school a plastic bottle or container if you have any spare so we can record the rainfall at Craigburn!

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